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What's It All About ?

The electric cigarette is a ground-breaking innovation that is improving the lives of thousands of smokers around the globe. When you purchase your first electronic cigarette, you are joining the hordes of people worldwide who have made a simple yet effective lifestyle change.

Electronic cigarette do not contain tobacco, tar or any of the 4,000 chemicals you normally inhale from a lit cigarette. (including tar, carbon monoxide and arsenic). It is the combustion of tobacco cigarettes – the burning process – which causes all the carcinogenic by-products to be taken into the body.

Electronic cigarettes merely vapourise a liquid, with no combustion at all, Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Instead it uses only pure nicotine (nicotine found in quit smoking patches or gums).

It is addictive, so we only sell our products to responsible adults who are existing smokers over the age of 18.


What is an Electronic Cigarette?

The Battery

All Electronic Cigarettes require a battery. Due to the power requirements of the device we use a Lithium Ion battery that supplies normally 3.7 volts it comes in many sizes & capacity. 


The Atomizer

The functional part of the cigarette, the atomizer heats the fluid to a temperature that when air is drawn through it, the fluidis transfered into a fine vapour that can be inhaled.


The Cartridge

Is the part of the device that holds the nicotine fluid.

Together, the 3 assembled sections form an electronic cigarette. Depicted below is a Totally Wicked Tornado eGo-c electronic cigarette.

What are the ingredients in an Electronic Cigarette?


The base liquid in E-Liquid Fluid which you put in your cartridge is a mixture of liquid-nicotine, flavourings and Propylene glycol.


What is Propylene Glycol ?

Propylene glycol (PG), is a colourless, odourless chemical that is used as a food additive, in cosmetics and in pharmaceuticals as an inert solvent or carrier. PG has been used as the aqueous-based chemical additive in asthma inhalers and nebulizers since the 1950s, with no serious side effects known.


The benefits that come with smoking an Electronic Cigarette.

Enjoy the psychological pleasures of drawing on an electronic cigarette.


The vapour is odourless and dissipates within seconds. It does not linger, nor does it cause discolouration to walls. It doesn't give you 'smokers breath' or leave your hands and clothes smelling of cigarettes either.


Save yourself money - to smoke your Electronic Cigarette will cost between £5 & £10 a week once you have your E-cig kit.



Smoke your electric cigarette indoors, so suffering without your nicotine fix on long journeys or through long working days is a thing of the past.


Like regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Therefore, they suppress the appetite and increase the metabolism.

Smoking regular cigarettes keeps people from snacking. When they have cigarettes in their hands, smokers are less likely to reach for junk food. The same applies to e-cigarettes. People are not as likely to eat snacks when they use electronic cigarettes.