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Battery Chargers & charging accessories

Tornado Mega USB Charger £7.99

The Tornado series of electronic cigarettes use either a 650mAh or 1000mAh battery. Using the Tornado rapid USB charger a fully discharged battery can be charged to capacity in as little as 90 minutes.



Avatar 3 Bay Battery Charger +plug £29.99

The Avatar 3 bay battery charger is the very best in charging technology. An intelligent, 3 bay battery charger that will accommodate different sizes and types of batteries and charge them at up to 2.0 amps simultaneously. With the additional ability to be utilised as a power bank to charge electrical devices, this is a fantastic vaping accessory to add to your collection.


USB to mains charging adaptor £6.00

The USB mains charging adaptor is provided for use with all our USB charger cables. Using this adaptor, you can recharge your electronic cigarette batteries using the appropriate charger without the need for a USB port.



2.0A USB Charging Cable £2.99

Designed specifically for the vaping market, this USB charging cable is ideal for charging your e-cig battery in your device



Multifunctional Charger £8.99

This charger features a charge rate of 4.2v at 1000mAh, which means charging times are dramatically reduced when compared to other chargers on the market. For example a Samsung 18650, 2100mAh battery typically requires 12-14 hours to fully charge on this high capacity charger that time is reduced to 4-6 hours. This really is the only battery charger you will ever need.

Silicon Case £1

£1 each 18650 silicon case