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Coils, Wick & Wire

Ko Gen Do Japanese Cotton
Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire - 5m or 10m Reel
Pre-wrapped Kanthal Wire Coils (10 pack)

Ko Gen Do Japanese cotton £3.99 five sheets

100% pure organic cotton, made in Japan. 
A wicking material choice for many coils builders thanks to its super absorbency and fast wicking capabilities. The cotton does not impart any flavour to the e-liquid and, thanks to its unique wicking properties, delivers a much stronger flavour from your e-liquid, even at higher outputs.  
Each pack weighs approximately 11g and contains five individually wrapped sheets.

Kanthal A1 resistance wire £3

Size: 10m x 24 AWG (0.5mm).

Size: 10m x 26 AWG (0.4mm).

Size: 10m x 28 AWG (0.3mm).


Kanthal Twisted A1 resistance wire £3.20

Size: 5m x 26 AWG (0.4mm).

Pre-wrapped Kanthal wire coils (pack 10) £2.99

Ideal for rebuildable atomizers, pre wound to a selection of resistances,


Coil demensions:

1.2ohm dimensions: 9.5 wraps of 0.4mm (26AWG) 2.75mm inside coil diameter.

1.0ohm dimensions: 3.5 wraps of 0.3mm (28AWG) 2.75mm inside coil diameter.

0.5ohm dimensions: 3.5 wraps of 0.4mm (26AWG) 2.4mm inside coil diameter.


A step-by-step guide, teaching you how to make an atomizer coil from scratch.