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Mix Your Own E-Liquid

Reduce the cost of vaping! Have fun mixing loads of flavours.

E-liquids are a combination of three ingredients: Nicotine, Flavour Concentrates and Diluents. By mixing these three ingredients to the correct ratios, anybody can make their own unique flavours and strengths. Users save a significant amount of money by mixing their own fluids. 

Mixing your own e-liquid can appear a little daunting at first, and some of what you read online might make this appear to be some sort of specialist art that only a few can master, this could not be further from the truth. 


Simply, mixing your own e-liquid requires 4 base fluids; Nico-Ice nicotine solution, flavour concentrate and two diluents, mixed together in the correct ratio to produce the fluid flavour and strength that you wish. The nico-ice solution mixed with the diluent creates the strength and the addition of the flavour concentrate adds the desired taste. All that is required is some simple measuring of the right volumes of each; a bit of mixing and you are set.