Electronic Cigarettes & E-Liquid by Cigby's
 Electronic Cigarettes & E-Liquid by Cigby's   

983a Tyburn Road


B24 0TJ

Tel 0121 333 3705

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  • ANTHONY SPRIGGS (Tuesday, July 26 16 04:00 pm BST)

    absolutely brilliant service the two ladies have always got time for you and explain everything two special ladies

  • Lynne M (Friday, April 10 15 11:45 pm BST)

    Thank goodness I found these friendly & knowledgeable ladies 2 & a half years ago. I haven't smoked one cigarette in all that time & don't intend to. No smelly hair or clothes any more.
    These friendly ladies always make time for every customer & nothing is too much trouble. My husband will be popping in again tomorrow for some more of my menthol liquid. Excellent service - why
    would anyone go anywhere else? A HUGE thank you to you both.

  • Marcus (Sunday, November 09 14 12:31 pm GMT)

    I'm really impressed, the new store is great and the owners are really friendly and helpful. Totally wicked is the best for ecigs and it's nice having a local shop.

  • ste (Wednesday, December 04 13 05:25 pm GMT)

    These ladies are great, there is plenty of junk out there, but only quality sold at Cygby's

  • Mr Alllen (Wednesday, May 29 13 03:36 pm BST)

    Popped in as usual last week, did a quick reconcile of how much I've spent at Cigbys then how much I would have spent in the tobacconist. I've saved myself over £3000 this year by swapping to Vapes.
    Don't hesitate, just do it.

  • Paul Cook (Tuesday, May 28 13 12:19 pm BST)

    From cheapie market vape stick to rolls royce in under an hour.
    These girls really know their stuff and have really opened my eyes to the benefits of face to face business. I've spent far too much money and time on internet junk. I would recommend Cigbys to
    anyone. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Give Cigbys a visit, it'll be the best thing you ever did.
    I even got offered sex on the beach but I wasn't sure where the beach is in Birmingham. Thanks a million Cigbys, you're the best.

  • phil carr (Thursday, March 28 13 07:37 pm GMT)

    DO IT!! if your thinking about trying it instead of fags then stop thinking and take the plunge!,i went in today and found the two girls very helpful and informative. And am now loving my e-cig and
    looking forward to trying different flavours

  • Angela Bryan (Saturday, March 09 13 12:50 am GMT)

    Called in at Cigbys again. Bought cigbys tobacco 18mg, cigbys lime zinger 18mg, cigbys tobacco 18mg and totally wicked strawberry/kiwi 18mg. Beautiful flavours , really good TH from each flavour I've
    tried. If I had to choose between the totally wicked and cigby e
    liquids I'd probably lean towards the cigbys own range purely for the flavours

  • Angela Bryan (Sunday, March 03 13 01:45 am GMT)

    Called in at Cigbys yesterday, 02/3/13. Being new to electronic smoking I needed loads of information from the staff there. They were really helpful and gave me all the info I needed. I came away
    with an e liquid which I love and I'll definately use them in the future. So glad I've found a local supplier with many different flavour e liquids and all the accessories I need to stay off the
    cancer sticks!

  • chris clarkson (Thursday, February 14 13 01:40 pm GMT)

    i bought the cigby,s rainbow fruit yesterday by phone, i was posted on the same day i ordered it. i recieved it the next day by post. the e-liquid rainbow fruit is trulley awsome and very satisfying.
    the staff are exelent. i highly recomend rainbow fruit .

  • Teece (Friday, June 01 12 12:49 pm BST)

    The ladies down at Cigby's now their eggs, and their E-cigs. They gave me good sound advice, and only sell E-cigs that work well, that's why I bought three kits from them for my family, and now non
    of us smoke. As for using E-cig's, they are fantastic. No more coughing a lung up in the morning, a lot more money in your pocket, no more standing in the cold.

    If you want to give up smoking, or even if you don't want to give up, get one of Cigby's kits. For a 20 a day man myself, the kit has paid for itself in two weeks. That is all on the pro's of using
    an E-cig. As for the con's, there are no con's, if you are still smoking cigarette's, then you are being conned out of your money and your health.

    One final comment, don't get a noddy E-Cig, they are a poor substitute and will only frustrate you. Get the right tool for the job. At Cigby's that's all they sell. Trust me I speak from experience.
    I'm saving £160 - £200 a month! That's a lot of dough people. Thank's for listening, and spread the vaping word please, I'ts saving lives at the end of the day, starting with your own!

  • Rob (Thursday, May 31 12 07:57 pm BST)

    Called in to buy a Tornado kit today, all I can say is that it was a very pleasant experience, and the staff were very helpful indeed, and the Tornado kit is great too! Highly recommend both to
    anyone interested!!

  • carl groves (Thursday, May 17 12 03:57 pm BST)

    use a tornado tank by far the best e-cig out there, thank you for your help a 5 star service i will b using you again

  • Marcel (Wednesday, May 16 12 10:36 am BST)

    Customer service here is excellent with a wide range of stock and accessories this place is amazing! Always friendly and helpfull and are constantly obliged to help in anyway possible. 10/10

  • Paul (Monday, May 14 12 09:50 pm BST)

    I use the tornado tank and I can say its been the best e cig I have used ever.!

  • Stu (Sunday, May 13 12 11:21 am BST)

    I have not smoked for 16 months.......Simplezzzzz!
    Using this is cheaper, better for you and more diverse than dirty old smoking. Found my strength and move around the flavours as it suits me.